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Comfort Solutions offers complete heating products and services to keep your home or business warm during the harsh winter months. Whether you need a new furnace or simply a repair, we will keep your family or place of business warm and comfortable with our prompt and accurate heating services.

We offer the following Heating Products & Repair services:

  • Residential Heating
  • Commercial Heating
  • UV Light Air Cleaners
  • Whole House Dehumidifiers
  • Whole House Humidifiers
  • Furnace
    • Furnace Repair
    • Furnace Tune Ups
    • Heating Problems
    • Heat Pump Systems
    • High Efficiency Heating Options
    • Zone Heating Systems
    • Thermostats

Residential Heating

Comfort Solutions offers complete Residential Heating products and services to give you the efficiency you need from your heating system. We offer furnaces and other heating products to complete your entire heating system and maximize the comfort of your home. Your family will stay warm and cozy all winter long with our comprehensive residential heating products and services. We offer fast and convenient service so you don’t have to go without heat. We sell, install, maintain, and repair all residential heating equipment for your home and family. We can service any brand or type of heating system so you don’t have to go without heat. Comfort Solutions can maximize the efficiency of your new or existing heating system.

You should call for residential heating products or services when:

  • Your utility bills are unusually high
  • Your energy efficiency rating is less than SEER 11
  • Some rooms are uncomfortably warm or cool, while others are a desirable temperature
  • You are finishing a basement or remodeling part of the home
  • The furnace or heating equipment is over 15 years old
  • You are experiencing heat loss or lack of furnace operation

Commercial Heating

We offer full service Commercial Heating products, repair, and maintenance. We handle all of your commercial heating needs quickly and conveniently. There is no need to delay doing business or keeping your customers warm with our immediate maintenance and repair services. As a commercial property owner, it is important to keep your heating system up and running; Comfort Solutions will help you maintain the operation of your furnace. Our commercial heating technicians are trained to install and repair and type of heating system for your commercial building. We offer accurate estimates so you can make the best decision for your heating system. We can also make suggestions for update or replacements to your existing heating products.


UV Light Air Cleaners

UV air cleaner products are the newest technology in whole home air cleaners. A UV air cleaner can completely clean the contaminants in the air of your home. The air in your home is often far more polluted than outside air and can cause respiratory problems even if you aren’t prone to respiratory distress. The UV air cleaner products from Comfort Solutions are easy to install with any type of heating or cooling system that already exists in your home. This method of air cleaning fits right into your existing HVAC home comfort system so it doesn’t get in the way or add any noise to the existing furnace or air conditioner. You can experience clean air an increase the overall comfort of your home and family by simply installing one of the UV air cleaner products from Comfort Solutions.

UV Air Cleaner Features Include:

  • Fresh, clean air
  • Quiet air cleaning
  • Reduce illness due to contaminated indoor air
  • Germicidal UV technology to reduce illness
  • Easily installed in the existing HVAC ductwork of your home


Your indoor air temperature is largely controlled by the thermostat in your home or business. Our thermostat products are ideal for any type of heating and cooling system. We offer a wide variety of thermostat products to keep your home comfortable and energy efficient all year long! Our experienced thermostat technicians will help you find and install the right thermostats for your home or commercial building.You can control the comfort of your home from a single thermostat or use multiple thermostats for zone heating control. We will help you understand your full thermostat options so you can choose the right thermostat products for your home or business. Controlling the temperature of your home shouldn’t be difficult, at Comfort Solutions, we provide the best thermostat products for the best results!

Our Thermostats Products Offer the Following Features:

  • Programmable thermostats for seasonal and time of day changes
  • Wireless thermostats
  • Energy efficient options
  • Thermostats for various energy sources such as gas, electric, and geothermal
  • Touchscreen options
  • Thermostats for various zones of the house or commercial building


A dehumidifier appliance for your home can improve the overall air quality and smell of your home. There are always spots of humidity in your home. The effects of humidity in your home can lead to mold growth and rotting which can affect the structural integrity and air quality of your home. Many Utah families experience undue illness and respiratory problems due to excessive humidity and mold growth in the home. A dehumidifier removes the moisture from the air in your home by using a cold set of coils to condense the moisture which drains into a tank that must be changed from time to time. A dehumidifier is easily installed along with the existing HVAC system. The reduction of water vapor in your air will make it easier to regulate the indoor air temperature of your home while increasing the comfort and safety of your air.

A Dehumidifier for Your Home Can Reduce Moisture Due To:

  • Leaks from the roof or windows and doors
  • Steam from the shower or bath
  • Steam from boiling water for cooking
  • Hanging wet clothes to dry in the home
  • Humid outdoor air in the home


Utah homeowners experience many harsh, dry winters and summers that can leave your skin dry and irritated. If anyone in your home suffers from allergies or other respiratory issues, they can benefit from the use of whole home humidifier during the more dry times of the year. Comfort Solutions offers a variety of humidifier solutions to increase the comfort and air quality of your home. When you install a whole home humidifier in your home, you should properly maintain and clean the humidifier on a regular basis. This will reduce the risk of bacteria or mold growing in the hard to clean parts of your home. The home comfort technicians at Comfort Solutions can give you a complete estimate for a whole home humidifier installation so you can choose the best option for comfort in your home.

A Humidifier for Your Home Can Reduce Moisture Due To:

  • Relief of chronic cold, allergy, nose bleed, and sinus symptoms
  • Relief of dry and irritated skin and mucous membranes
  • Improved air quality and home atmosphere
  • Reduction of static electricity
  • Relief of headaches and tiredness

You can achieve maximum warmth and comfort while maintaining energy efficiency with Comfort Solutions heating products and services. Proper maintenance and repair can save you money while maintaining the operation of your furnace or other heating system. Comfort Solutions provides premium heating solutions for your home or business.
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