Closed Loop Pond/Lake

Pond Geothermal System Utah

When there is a body of water on the property where a geothermal system will be installed, a pond geothermal system Utah is generally the most cost-effective and efficient option for your home. It is important that the pond, lake, or stream has adequate water flow and depth to prevent the geothermal pipes from freezing.

The pond geothermal system Utah involves and intricate installation of geothermal tubing or pipes that run from the house, underground, and then into the lake or pond. This requires less digging than other closed loop systems. The tubing installed in the body of water is coil-shaped to minimize the depth required for installation. Although the minimum depth of installation is 8 feet from the surface of the pond, coils are relatively compact and do not take up much space. This prevents any restriction of the water space for recreation or nature.

During your on-site estimate, our geothermal experts will answer any questions about your pond geothermal system Utah. We will determine whether or not the body of water near your home is suitable for a geothermal system, or make recommendations for other geothermal system options in your home.

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