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3 Reasons Remote Workers Should Upgrade HVAC Systems for Colder Seasons

February 11, 2022

In the past couple of years, typical work traditions have shifted and some workers have made the permanent switch to remote options. If you’re used to being out of the home all day, then the use of your HVAC system has likely changed as well. With more frequent use and needs, you put a lot of extra wear into a system, especially during colder months.

Instead of relying on an older furnace or heat pump, you may want to upgrade your system as you work more from home. You will find multiple advantages with an HVAC system replacement, and those advantages will really help as you work remotely for multiple years.

1. Heat and Energy Use

When you used to leave home for the workday, you may have turned the thermostat down or shut the heat off all together. When you work from home, you may find you use the heat more during the day and the furnace runs a lot more often. Not only will you have a big increase on energy use, but an older furnace may not have the best efficiency, which uses up more energy.

A replacement furnace will have a big difference on the efficiency. You will have a lot less heat loss and can cut down on the costs of running the heat for longer during the day. In some cases, the efficiency improvements may make a big enough difference to equal out the costs of running the furnace extra.

HVAC technicians can determine the current efficiency rate and showcase new HVAC options with a much better efficiency.

2. Home Zones

At night, you typically want bedrooms well heated, but during the day, your priorities may shift. If you have a specific work area like a finished basement or home office, then you will want to properly zone a new HVAC system. A zoned area covers a specific part of the house with its own thermostat.

For example, you could have an area zoned to provide heat to the living room and kitchen. If the zone of your home office also includes a guest room or bedroom, then you may not want to heat those areas if the extra heat is not necessary.

An HVAC technician will zone your home to fit your remote work life. Your work area can have its own zone so you can remain comfortable while you work without the need to waste heat energy on the whole home.

Instead of constantly adjusting thermostats around different zones, you can rely on smart thermostats or advanced systems that include timers. The timers will automatically adjust the heat settings to match your workdays and can change when you have days off as well.

3. Air Quality

An older heating system will not output the same air quality as a new system. Filters are dirty, dust has accumulated, and you have to breathe in the air every day you work from home. A new HVAC system will improve the air quality and have better air quality controls to keep the air fresh.

In the winter, simply opening a window is not an option, so the air quality from your heating systems and vents is critical to your everyday work from home.

Poor air quality can impact the way you work from home as well. For example, you may have more headaches. Your skin may dry out. You may develop a cough or irritate allergies. Even when you don’t work, the air quality could impact the way you sleep.

For more information on HVAC replacement options, contact us at Comfort Solutions. We will go over all of your options and help set up an ideal home heating environment for your remote working needs.