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At Comfort Solutions, we understand that a well-functioning furnace is essential for your home’s comfort, especially during the chilly Ogden, UT winters. We’re your trusted partner for all your furnace repair and service needs. Our expert technicians are dedicated to keeping your heating system running at its best, ensuring your family stays warm and cozy throughout the year.

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Common Furnace Issues

Lack of Heat

One of the most common problems homeowners face during the winter is a lack of heat. If your furnace is blowing cold air or not heating your home as it should, it’s time to call in the professionals at Comfort Solutions. Our skilled technicians will diagnose the issue and provide a quick, efficient solution to restore warmth to your home.

Unusual Noises

Strange noises coming from your furnace, such as clanking, banging, or screeching, can be a sign of underlying problems. These issues can range from loose parts to damaged components. Don’t ignore these sounds; they could indicate more significant issues if left unaddressed.

Increased Energy Bills

If you’ve noticed a sudden spike in your energy bills, your furnace might be the culprit. An inefficient furnace can consume more energy while providing less warmth. Our team at Comfort Solutions will assess your system’s efficiency and make any necessary adjustments to save you money and keep your home comfortable.

Frequent Cycling

Furnaces that cycle on and off frequently are not only inefficient but can also lead to premature wear and tear. Our expert technicians can identify the root cause of this issue and ensure your furnace operates smoothly and consistently.

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How Comfort Solutions Can Help

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    Prompt Response

    We understand that a malfunctioning furnace can’t wait. Our team offers fast and reliable service, ensuring your home is warm and comfortable again in no time.

  • 2
    Skilled Technicians

    Our technicians are highly trained and experienced in diagnosing and repairing all types of furnace issues. They will efficiently identify the problem and provide the most cost-effective solution.

  • 3
    Preventive Maintenance

    Regular maintenance is key to preventing unexpected breakdowns. We offer comprehensive maintenance plans to keep your furnace in tip-top shape, extending its lifespan and efficiency.

  • 4
    Energy Efficiency

    We can optimize your furnace’s efficiency, helping you save on energy bills and reducing your carbon footprint.

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Our Customers Feedback

Our A/C went out, and we called around to a few places. We decided to go with Comfort Solutions based on our good initial appointment with Richie, and I’m glad we did! Tyler and Alek did a great job with the install, and Richie followed up a week later to make sure all looked good (it did). They answered all our questions, were friendly, professional, and accommodating. Great experience from start to finish, and love having our house cool again!

Ross Przybylski

Comfort Solutions were quick to come give us a free estimate. They were able to install just a few days later. We now have a beautiful fireplace in our basement and it is amazing!

Marisa Brough

Colton did an amazing job on our fireplace. It turned out just like we had hoped. We needed some things adjusted and they were there the next day. So kind and helpful! We love comfort solutions!

Micheal Johnson

I was very pleased with my total experience with Comfort Solutions, Tyler, Colten, Alex and Aaron were all very professional. Kept me informed on each step. They were very fast and on time. I will recommend them to all my family and friends. Would use them again in a heartbeat.

Utahnna Rasmussen

Our experience from reception, sales and installation was friendly and professional. The showroom was stocked with numerous options. Comfort Solutions has merchandise in stock so no wait time. From showroom to installation was less than a week. We were very pleased with Comfort Solutions and will definitely recommend to others.

Belinda Rounkles

Rory and Jay & Christian did and great job installing our new furnace and Heat pump. Very clean and professional install. Comfort Solutions is the only HVAC company I will do business with as their products and employees are top notch.

Justin Richins


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