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Do 6 Things This Spring for an Energy-Efficient Home

May 23, 2018

is in the air, though it may be coming in fits and starts. After a
long, dark, and cold winter, you’re probably enjoying the burst of
energy that people often get with the warmer weather.

you have the sudden urge to clean out all of your closets and
deep-clean your carpet, you should definitely do those things — but
don’t neglect your HVAC system. Use your spring fever to take care
of the following, and you’ll be able to save money on your energy
bills now and in the coming summer heat.

Schedule a Service for Your Air Conditioning System

best thing you can do in the spring is to prepare your air
conditioner for summer. By taking care of your system now, you’ll
set yourself up for success later when you really need your AC to

a professional to clean and inspect your system. They can make sure
that your unit is in good shape after being inactive for several
months, clean off any grime that has accumulated that would slow your
unit down, and check your thermostat and system control settings to
make sure you can use your AC as efficiently as possible.

HVAC technician will also give your AC a quick test run to make sure
it works perfectly. This way, when the weather heats up in a few
months, you won’t have any nasty surprises that leave your home hot
and miserable.

Change Your Air Filter

flowers bring all sorts of pollen, and spring breezes bring dust.
Your HVAC system’s filter is what stops the debris from getting
into your home’s air, but if your filter is already clogged, it
can’t do its job well.

the filter now to prevent debris from getting into your air, and
you’ll also improve your home’s energy efficiency. Your HVAC
system won’t have to work as hard to push air through the filer if
the filter is clean.

Take Advantage of Warmer Days

the early spring, you may still have to have your furnace on at least
some of the time. However, you can minimize how much energy you spend
heating your house by taking advantage of the warmer weather outside.

the longer, sunnier days by opening your blinds and curtains during
the day. Not only will you save on lighting costs from all the
natural light, but the sunshine will help you warm your home for

Check on Your Insulation

is a great time of the year for home improvement projects. One of the
best things you can do for your home’s energy efficiency is to
improve your home’s insulation. After all, even the best AC system
won’t stop summer heat getting into a poorly insulated house.

insulation in your attic should be about 10 inches thick, and it
should cover the attic roof without gaps. If you need more
insulation, take care of the problem now before the summer heat makes
your home lose valuable cool air.

Seal Up Gaps

only will improving your home’s insulation save you energy this
summer, but you can prepare for summer by getting rid of tiny
openings or cracks around your home.

your spring-fever energy to inspect your home’s windows and doors.
Add caulk or weatherstripping to seal off any small openings that
could let hot air in during the summer. As a bonus, adding insulation
and sealing off gaps will also help your home be more
energy-efficient next winter — you’ll be doing your home a favor
for years to come by taking care of these problems now.

Clean Your Vents and Fans

your interior spring cleaning, remember to check on important parts
of your HVAC system: your home’s fans and vents. Ceiling fans play
a crucial role during the warm months in keeping you cool without
overworking your AC, but they tend to collect a lot of dust.

the fans in your kitchen and your bathroom help your home stay cool
and dry when you take a hot shower or use your stove. Make sure to
clean these fans off so they can work at their best this summer when
you really need them.

your home’s vents can get clogged with all the dust and debris that
your filter doesn’t catch. Make sure to clean them out so your HVAC
system runs as well as possible.

fever often strikes suddenly and leaves just as quickly. When you get
that burst of energy, use some of it on your home’s HVAC system.
Your efforts will pay off now and this summer in lower utility bills
and a more comfortable house, no matter the temperature outside.

a spring
AC service

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