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Is Fall An Ideal Time To Upgrade Your HVAC?

September 19, 2019

The fall season brings beautiful
foliage, crisp evenings, and less use of your home’s HVAC. With the air
cooling, you will not need your air conditioning as often, but will need to
have a fully functioning heating system. Now is the perfect time to reevaluate
your overall system and determine if you need an upgrade.

If you think you may want to upgrade
your home’s HVAC system in the near future, the fall season is the perfect time
to do so. The following are some things you should consider.

The Fall Season Is a Slower Time for
HVAC Companies

As the hot summer season winds down,
HVAC companies do not have to make as many service calls. When the weather
begins to cool down, they generally do not receive as many emergency service
calls during the fall. If you want to install a new HVAC system, you can do so
more quickly since the HVAC companies have more room in their schedules.

You can take some extra time to talk
about the type of HVAC system you want. You also have more freedom as to when
you would like to have the system installed.

You Have Time to Evaluate Options

Since the weather is nice during
fall, you have time to consider all the options available. If your HVAC needs
attention during the summer season, you are likely to hire the first HVAC
company who can get to your home the quickest. You are also likely to spend
more on a higher quote without the luxury of taking time to get information on
different options.

You will not feel as pressured to
make a hasty decision. Instead, you have the time to research different
companies, obtain several quotes, and have your home properly sized to
determine exactly which type of unit will best serve your needs.

You Do Not Have to Live in Hot
Temperatures During the Installation

When the weather is cooler in the
fall, you do not have to live in uncomfortable conditions during the HVAC
installation. If your HVAC system is still in decent shape but you fear it may
break down by the time you roll into the next summer season, you are better off
replacing it now rather than when the weather is too hot.

Instead, you can plan your
installation in a more moderate temperature where you will be comfortable with
opening the windows for some air flow. You may not even need to do that if your
installation is deeper into the fall. Just do not wait too long if you depend
on your HVAC for heat as well, or you will then be in an uncomfortable position
with cold temperatures.

You Can Save Money on Energy Usage

When an HVAC system gets too old, it
begins to work harder to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. The fall
season is an ideal time to install a new, more energy efficient HVAC system because
you will soon use the heating component constantly during the winter. You will
save a lot of money on your energy bills at a time when the bill typically
peaks during cold weather.

You May Get a Better Deal

Because the fall season is a slower
time of year for HVAC companies, you may receive special savings offers or
factory rebates as an incentive. The HVAC companies want to work all year long,
and they are often willing to give you promotional rates if you install a new
system in their off season.

If you have any questions about your HVAC
system, please contact us at Comfort Solutions. We are happy to help you make the best choice
for your home’s heating and cooling needs.