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Keep Your Home Warm When the Heater Won’t

February 15, 2019

you live in a cold area, you may rely on your heater to warm your
home to a comfortable temperature. However, there is always a
possibility of something happening with your heater. When you find
the heater won’t heat your home, the first thing you should do is
call an HVAC company.

you wait for someone to come out and fix your heater’s issues, you
need to keep the house warm for your family. Learn about some ways
you can increase the temperature in the part of your home where your
family will spend the most time.

in Layers to Warm Yourself

start, have everyone dress in layers. Break out the beanies and
gloves as well. Once everyone is dressed for cold temperatures, you
will have an easier time keeping everyone warm. Layering clothes
works better than wearing a thick winter coat because the layers trap
your body heat between them, which keeps the heat against your skin
and helps you stay warmer.

Coffee to Warm Yourself

coffee at any temperature can help you stay warm — because of the
caffeine — but drinking coffee hot will help you feel warmer
mentally as well. The caffeine will increase your metabolism, and
this can help you increase your core temperature.

Heating Pads and Electric Blankets to Warm Yourself

pads can be used for more than just taking away aches and pains; they
can also keep you warm. In addition, spread electric blankets out and
try to keep everyone warm with them. You can lie another blanket on
top of the electric blanket. Once the regular blanket is warm, give
the warm blanket to someone else to cover with.

the Dryer to Warm Your Home

an electric dryer to heat the inside of your home, but don’t use a
gas dryer because of the carbon monoxide risks.

use your dryer, split the aluminum hose in two and fasten the vent
section to a nearby wall. Take a leg of panty hose and put it on the
end of the hose. Leave the toe section at the end uncut. The hot air
will blow in the house to warm the house up and the hose will catch
and hold onto the lint.

Hot Water Bottles to Warm Yourself

great thing about hot water bottles is they retain their heat for
hours. Heat up as many hot water bottles as you have and pass them
out to everyone to use for warmth.

Your Electric Oven to Warm Your Home

some foods in the oven on high temperatures that take a long time to
cook. Leave the door cracked open after and eat the food while it is
still hot to warm your core.

if you have a gas oven, leaving the door open can lead to carbon
monoxide poisoning. But you can still use the gas oven to bake a hot
meal. The gas oven will still generate some heat and you’ll have hot
food to eat.

in a Tent to Warm Yourself

bedtime comes, spread out your warmest sleeping bags in the tent to
lie on and use the rest to cover up with. The tent will help hold in
the warmth from body heat and the sleeping bags will lock in
individual body heat, so everyone will be warm while they sleep.

the younger kids in the middle of everyone, as well as very thin
people who struggle to stay warm.

you have a broken heater, contact
Comfort Solutions

We will set you up with the closest appointment possible.