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Pets and Your HVAC: What You Need to Know

March 23, 2021

If you have pets, you likely consider them a part of your family. Unfortunately, pets can cause issues for a home’s HVAC system. When you have animals who live indoors, you must take some additional precautions to make sure your HVAC system operates properly and remains in good repair. The following are some factors to take into consideration when you have pets.

Groom Your Pets

Pet hair and skin dander can quickly accumulate on the components of an HVAC system, and this can result in inefficiency and possible damage. To keep your HVAC system in good condition, groom your pets regularly. This will keep their hair and skin healthy and remove shedding hair and skin flakes that can make its way into the HVAC system.

As you groom your pet, be sure to dry their coat to get rid of any hair and dander that did not come off in the bath. You should also brush the coat thoroughly.

Keep the Air Filters Clean

Clean air filters are of the utmost importance to the proper function of an HVAC system. Dirty and clogged air filters do not allow the air to properly flow through the system. Over time, the HVAC system will become overworked and require more maintenance.

When you own pets, you must keep an eye on your HVAC system’s air filters. If you don’t own pets, you typically only need to change or clean the air filters a few times a year. But when you have pets, you may need to do air filter maintenance more frequently depending on the propensity of hair shedding.

Dirty air filters also decrease your home’s air quality. When the air filters are not clean, the hair and dander from your pet can cycle throughout your home. The low-quality air is not only bad for your HVAC system but can also cause health problems for anyone in your home who deals with asthma or other respiratory issues.

If you notice that your air filters don’t stay clean, you should consider an upgrade. You can purchase air filters specially designed for homes with pets, which you do not have to change as often. The filters are also better equipped at collecting allergens, so they do not recirculate throughout your home.

Consider an Air Purifier

If you have multiple pets or your pet sheds constantly, you might want an air purifier. Air purification systems remove all types of contaminates in the air of your house. Not only will your air be cleaner but you will also notice your HVAC system operates more efficiently.

Protect the Outdoor Unit

HVAC systems have an outdoor condenser unit. This is a major component of the system and needs safeguards from animals. Pets can damage the condenser, dogs especially. Male dogs may urinate on the unit, which can lead to corrosion.

Dogs also dig or may chew on the parts of the condenser unit. Wires connect the condenser to the unit inside the house. When the wires are damaged, this will result in a loss of cool air inside the house.

You can protect the outdoor condenser by placing a barrier around it, like a picket fence. However, be sure to space the barrier far enough away from the condenser so air can flow properly. Also, leave space for the HVAC technician to make necessary repairs and inspections.

Above all, you should have your HVAC system inspected regularly by a licensed HVAC technician. For more information on proper care and upkeep of your HVAC system when you have pets, please contact our team at Comfort Solutions. We look forward to working with you.