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What to Consider Before You Hire an HVAC Contractor

December 22, 2022

HVAC problems can happen anytime, especially if the unit is old. Some HVAC emergencies that could decline your home’s indoor comfort are gas leaks, refrigerant leaks, and ventilation issues due to blocked air ducts. Trying to fix such problems on your own can probably worsen them or even cause damage to your property. A professional HVAC contractor can fix them quickly and safely, enhancing your unit’s performance.

But how do you find the right technician to address the issue your HVAC unit has? Below are some key factors to consider before you hire an HVAC contractor.


Sometimes, an HVAC system can malfunction a short time after its servicing. A warranty will protect you against unexpected expenses if your newly repaired or installed unit breaks down.

The HVAC technician you hire should offer you an installation and HVAC parts warranty. An installation warranty will protect your HVAC unit against future problems that could arise from installation-related mistakes. An HVAC parts warranty will cover damages that could result if the technician uses defective replacement parts on your unit.

Before you accept a warranty from an HVAC contractor, take time to read its terms and mistakes that could void it. The terms should be clear about the coverage period and the covered parts. Mistakes that could void your HVAC warranty include maintenance negligence and unapproved replacement components.


HVAC service costs are not the same since they vary based on factors like the unit’s age. For instance, aged units often require replacement components and a lot of work from technicians, making it costly to service them. Also, the unit’s size and complexity, the technician’s location, and the type of service you need can determine the money you spend.

The fact that the repair of large and complex HVAC systems requires more work makes it costlier. Unlike a local HVAC technician, a non-local contractor might charge you more money to cater to travel expenses. Lastly, HVAC diagnosis and repair services are often costlier than inspection and maintenance services.

Compare quotes from different HVAC contractors to find an affordable technician. Although cost-saving is important, go for quality HVAC services rather than inexpensive services.


Unfortunate events like damage to your property and bodily injuries can happen during your HVAC unit’s repair. Uninsured HVAC services can cause you to carry liability, which could strain you financially. The HVAC technician you hire should have workers’ compensation insurance, professional liability, and general liability insurance.

Workers’ compensation insurance will cover treatment expenses if your HVAC technician gets injured while at your place. Professional liability insurance means you’ll receive compensation after you take legal action against the contractor for professional mistakes or negligence. Lastly, general liability insurance will cover your property damages that could result from an HVAC contractor’s work.

Your choice’s HVAC contractor should have insurance from a recognized American insurance agency.


A reputable and well-trained HVAC technician should have the necessary certifications. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) certification, North American Technician Excellence (NATE), Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), and R-410A are some HVAC certifications to consider.

Type 1, 2, and 3 EPA certifications prove that an HVAC contractor can safely handle harmful materials HVAC units produce. NATE certification shows that the contractor has a vast knowledge of furnaces, air conditioners, and other things related to HVAC.

IAQ certification shows the contractor’s capacity for safe installations, repair, and maintenance of HVAC air quality units. Lastly, the R-410A certification shows an HVAC technician’s knowledge and understanding of refrigerants.

The best HVAC contractor has adequate experience to back up their installation, repair, or maintenance services. Such services can be costly, but with the right HVAC contractor, they are worth your money.
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