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Why Is Your Air Conditioning Noisy

March 28, 2023

Your air conditioning system is critical to ensure a comfortable environment in your home during the hot months. Therefore, it can be frustrating when an otherwise reliable system shows signs of failure.

One apparent indicator that your AC isn’t functioning properly is if the system makes unusual sounds. While the noise is not always a cause for concern, some noises may indicate more significant underlying issues. Discover some of the reasons why your air conditioning system may be noisy and what to do.

Banging Noise

A banging sound is mostly a sign of compressor failure. The compressor helps to distribute refrigerant in your ac, which then helps to cool down the air. As the air conditioning ages, some parts inside the compressor may become loose, so you may notice banging sounds when those components hit against the sides of the compressor.

The banging noise may also indicate an unbalanced blower, especially if the sounds emanate inside your house. In that case, don’t attempt to fix the compressor by yourself. Instead, let a professional inspect the system and determine whether the compressor is the culprit or if the blower wheel needs to be balanced.

Humming or Buzzing Sounds

If your AC is making a humming sound, that could be due to issues with the contractor relay switch. This switch helps power the compressor when it’s time to turn on the air conditioning.

If you hear buzzing sounds, that could be a problem with your wiring or a faulty motor. In that case, don’t switch on the AC, as that could cause further damage. Also, avoid DIY attempts to check the wiring and motor, as that could be dangerous. Instead, contact an HVAC technician to inspect the system and determine the issue.

Rattling Noises

Rattling noises mainly signify parts breaking down. As the AC ages, some parts start to deteriorate, which can lead to noise from the fan blades and other components.

Additionally, rattling noise could result from debris and dust in the system. If you suspect this, you can try to clean out the condenser or change the filter. Or, check for loose screws and bolts that may be causing the noise.

It’s also recommended to call an HVAC technician if the rattling persists even after you attempt to clean out the system or check for loose screws and bolts. If none of these steps solves the problem, then a professional can help to identify and fix the cause of the noise.

Whistling Sounds

A whistling or screaming noise could indicate leaking refrigerant. Refrigerant is a chemical that helps to cool the air. If it’s leaking, that may mean a hole or crack in the air conditioning system.

A leaky refrigerant can cause uneven or inadequate cooling, so you must take proactive measures. Also, note that the refrigerant can be a health hazard if inhaled, so switch off the air conditioning while waiting for a professional to rectify the problem.

Squealing Noise

Squealing sounds from the air conditioning system could be due to air pressure changes from a faulty blower motor and fan. The outdoor blower and fan may also produce a squealing noise if the bearings are worn out or damaged.

However, sometimes a squealing noise is nothing to worry about, especially if it happens when you turn on the AC. But if the noise persists and you can’t identify the source, contact an HVAC technician to inspect the system.

Now that you understand the different types of AC noises and the potential causes, you are better positioned to take proactive steps to address the issues before the system fails completely. Work with a reliable and experienced HVAC technician who can help to identify the root of your AC noise and make any necessary repairs.

You can trust us at Comfort Solutions for quality and timely HVAC services. We understand your air conditioning system and its components, so we will identify the exact source of the odd sounds and recommend the best solution. Contact us for a consultation.