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Spring AC Tune-Up | Comfort Solutions

May 23, 2018

For many individuals, spring brings long-awaited relief from the dreary gray skies, frigid temperatures, and slick conditions of winter. As birds begin to nest and flowers begin to bloom, you may start looking ahead in anticipation of the activities and warm weather of summer.

However, as a homeowner, you may dread turning on your AC unit for the first time in the year. You may worry about soaring electrical bills, inconsistent indoor temperatures throughout your home, and frequent AC unit repairs in the upcoming seasonally high summer temperatures.

One of the best ways to protect yourself from AC inefficiencies and inconveniences during the summer is to start preparing your unit during the spring. In this blog, we walk you through the fundamentals of ACtune-upsand explain why this service is so important, especially during this particular time of the year.

What Do AC Tune-Up Service Visits Include?

If you’ve never scheduled an AC tune-up, then you may wonder what the service visit could possibly entail that would make the appointment so vital to the upcoming summer months. Unlike repair calls where a technician addresses a specific issue with the unit, tune-ups are routine services designed to prevent common issues from arising in the first place.

While the exact steps of the tune-up may vary slightly depending on your HVAC company’s procedures, most tune-ups include a version of the following:

  • Check system pressure
  • Check responsiveness of all controls
  • Check thermostat settings and adjust as necessary
  • Inspect outdoor AC unit, including the motor and blower
  • Inspect ventilation and ductwork connections
  • Lubricate moving parts
  • Measure and top off fluid levels, including refrigerant
  • Remove dust and debris from evaporator and condenser coils

After the tune-up, your technician will report on any issues discovered during the process. Minor issues, such as loose parts or minor leaks, can often be repaired during the same visit, while you may need to schedule a second appointment for more significant repairs.

If you have questions about what you can expect from a tune-up offered by a prospective company or from the trusted HVAC company you have used for other service visits in the past, ask the representative you talk to guide you through the checklist the company uses when performing AC tune-ups.

Why Should You Schedule a Tune-Up in the Spring?

Many experts recommend scheduling HVAC system tune-ups at least once a year. In many cases, this recommendation means that you’ll actually need to schedule a seasonal tune-up for your AC unit and a separate tune-up for your heating system when appropriate.

Spring is the ideal time for AC tune-ups for a number of reasons. Homeowners should schedule their tune-ups in early to mid-spring for the following reasons:

  • Greater technician availability and scheduling flexibility, which can allow the technician to work around your busy schedule more easily than in the summer months when HVAC services are in higher demand
  • Lower risk of common first-use issues, such as high amounts of pollen and other debris in the treated air, low efficiency due to incorrect settings, and short cycling due to low refrigerant levels
  • Warm enough weather for any necessary tests, but generally not warm enough to require urgent use of the unit

Additionally, if you live in a four-season climate, spring tune-ups are wise because it simply makes sense to take care of any potential issues with your cooling unit before the hottest season of the year begins.

How Do You Benefit From a Spring AC Tune-Up?

Making an AC tune-up a staple of your yearly spring cleaning and maintenance checklist can provide you, your household, and your unit itself with a number of benefits. Many homeowners who schedule regular spring AC tune-ups notice:

  • Better quality cooled air
  • Faster, more consistent cooling due to appropriate settings, fluid levels, and unit cleanliness
  • Longer unit lifespan
  • Lower risk of breakdowns and repairs during peak AC season since unit upgrades and adjustments can happen immediately following a tune-up
  • Improved energy efficiency, which decreases overall AC unit power usage and contributes to lower electrical costs

Additionally, having a seasonal tune-up can also protect your investment in your unit. Many AC warranties require that owners stay current with general maintenance or the warranty is voided. Chances are good that your warranty requires you to have regular unit tune-ups in order to count on the warranty to cover any major repairs.

Whether you’re worried about the condition of your AC unit or not, a professional tune-up can provide you with the knowledge that you’ve taken the necessary steps to keep your family cool and comfortable as temperatures rise. Schedule a tune-up from a reputable HVAC technician today to ensure that you beat the upcoming summer heat.

For comprehensive HVAC services, including thorough AC tune-ups this spring, trust the experienced team of technicians at Comfort Solutions.