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7 Air Conditioning Mistakes to Avoid

May 5, 2021

Air conditioning is an essential part of your home. Your air conditioner gives you a comfortable indoor environment and good air quality. To ensure your AC operates optimally and efficiently, you need to avoid common mistakes with installation and maintenance. These mistakes can decrease the unit’s efficiency, raise utility bills, and result in costly repairs.
1. Installing a Unit That Is Not Well-Fitted for Your House
An AC should suit your home’s size and unique structural features. When you choose a small unit for your large home, it works overtime to meet the desired temperature. Consequently, the unit wears out quickly and uses more energy than usual.
Many people assume that an oversized AC cools a home faster. However, this is a misconception. An oversized AC may struggle to cool a home evenly and eliminate humidity. Also, it continually turns on and off, causing significant wear.
2. Not Changing the Filter
Your AC’s filter plays a vital role in getting rid of dust and allergens from the air that goes through the system. With time, these filters become clogged with dirt, necessitating frequent replacement. If you don’t change air filters, you compromise the AC’s function, increasing dust in your home and decreasing airflow. Replacing a dirty filter can boost your AC’s efficiency by 5-15%.
3. Setting the Temperature Way Down
In the hot and dry Utah weather, it is common for people to set the AC at the lowest possible temperature, thinking it will cool their home faster. Unfortunately, that doesn’t work. Instead, doing this causes the AC to run for longer, which strains your unit and raises electricity bills. You should set your thermostat to your ideal temperature, not lower.
4. Not Closing Doors and Windows
While this appears like a no-brainer, many people still forget about it. Closing doors and windows prevents cool air from escaping and hot air from entering your home during sunny days. Therefore, the AC will not work harder to cool your home, which is a plus for your AC and budget.
5. Neglecting Maintenance
AC units require regular maintenance to keep them functioning correctly and to prolong their lifespan. Maintenance also identifies any issues with the unit before they damage it and cause costly repairs. You should hire an AC expert to perform regular maintenance on your system. The professional will check the refrigerant, filters, evaporator coils, and drain to ensure they are working well.
While hiring a professional may seem like an extra cost, it is worthwhile. Maintenance is cheaper than repairing or replacing your AC. Also, professionals have the skills, experience, and equipment to evaluate your AC and recognize potential issues.   
6. Using the Unit When No One is Home

Leaving the AC running all day, even when your family is away at work or school, is expensive and inefficient. Consider using a programmable thermostat to set schedules. You can turn off the AC when no one is home and turn it on a few hours before you get home from work. It will be much cheaper and efficient.  
7. Avoiding Replacement
Many people make the mistake of holding on to an old and deteriorating AC for too long. They argue that the initial cost of replacing an AC is high. However, keeping an old AC for longer than necessary may be more costly.
As your AC ages, its functionality and efficiency decrease. Subsequently, you may incur considerable costs in utility bills and repairs. Modern ACs use state-of-the-art technologies for maximum performance, safety, efficiency, and cost savings.
An AC is a valuable part of your Utah home that ensures thermal comfort. Like other appliances, your AC requires proper care and maintenance to do its job correctly. Contact Comfort Solutions
in Utah for air conditioning service and maintenance. We have the skills and experience to meet your home and business AC needs.