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What Do Professionals Do During an AC Tune-Up?

April 23, 2019

air conditioner needs a tune-up done at least once
per year

it’s going to work properly. Many professionals recommend doing it
in the spring to ensure your unit is ready to go in summer.

you have never had an AC tune-up — also called a maintenance
inspection or service — performed, you may wonder what it consists
of. Here is what a professional does when conducting an AC tune-up.

Your Thermostat and Settings

a heating and cooling professional performs an AC tune-up, they will
check your thermostat. If your thermostat is not working properly, or
if your settings are not correct, your air conditioner may not turn
on to cool your home. A professional will ensure your unit is
functional and correctly set so your AC will cool your home to your
desired settings.

Your Air Conditioning Unit

next step in conducting an AC tune-up is inspecting your air
conditioning unit. The heating and cooling professional will remove
the front panel from your air conditioner. This allows them to look
inside of the unit and thoroughly inspect all of the parts.

they are conducting their inspection, they’ll look for signs of
wear or damage. This may include hoses with holes or cracks, wires
that are frayed or worn, and signs of rust, corrosion, or water
damage in your unit. If they notice damage, they will recommend
repairs to you in order to fix the damage.

Your Evaporator and Condenser Coils

inspecting the inside of your air conditioning unit, a professional
will clean your evaporator coils and your condenser coils. This
process is important for two reasons.

evaporator and condenser coils fill with coolant when your air
conditioning unit is turned on. This coolant — commonly called
freon or refrigerant — is ultimately what cools the air that is
pulled in through your air conditioning unit. If the coils are dirty,
air may not cool or may not cool efficiently.

your evaporator and condenser coils cleaned helps to cool the air
coming into your unit while also reducing the energy usage of your
air conditioning unit.

the Coolant Levels

professional will also check the coolant levels in your air
conditioning unit when performing an AC tune-up. If your coolant
levels are low, your unit will have trouble cooling air. If the
coolant runs out, your unit will blow hot air into your home.

the coolant levels ensures your unit has enough coolant to help you
make it through the summer. If the levels are low, a professional
will recommend you have the coolant topped off prior to summer.

the Condensate Drain Line

final step to an AC tune-up is an inspection of the condensate drain
line. As your unit cools air, a small amount of condensation forms.
This is caused by hot air coming into contact with cold coolant. Air
conditioning units have a condensation drain pan with a condensate
drain line. The line carries water out of the unit.

the drain line is clogged or damaged, it cannot carry water out of
the unit. Most units have sensors that cause the unit to shut off if
water cannot be drained from it. As such, it is important that it be
inspected to ensure the line is functional.

you know it, summer weather will be here, and you will be turning on
your air conditioner. Now is the perfect time to schedule an AC
tune-up, ensuring your unit will be ready to go when that day comes.

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