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Benefits of a Ductless Air Conditioner

May 20, 2022

If you want to install an air conditioner in your home or workspace, you’re likely wondering which type is ideal. From window ACs to traditional central ACs to ductless systems, you may struggle to make the right choice. The key to making an informed choice is to understand the features and benefits of each type.

So, what’s a ductless air conditioning unit and why should you pick it over other AC systems? These cooling systems feature ductless technology and are known for their efficiency and reliability. Read on to learn about several benefits you’ll get after choosing a ductless AC system.

Controlled Cooling

One significant benefit of a ductless AC is the additional control they provide. Each of the indoor units is regulated separately, so you’ll choose the zones or rooms to cool and leave those that don’t require conditioned air.

Traditional AC systems cool the whole property, which may be inefficient or wasteful. For instance, you will automatically cool some unoccupied rooms, which will waste resources. Opt for a ductless AC to control the temperature in each room, depending on the current needs. This will improve your comfort without wasting resources.

Less Noise

Some AC systems, particularly the old models, can be loud and distracting. This can be uncomfortable if you need a quiet environment to watch your favorite movie, read a novel, or sleep. With a ductless AC unit, you won’t need to worry about noise because these air conditioners are extra quiet. Most parts are outside, and the air is released on the side instead of the top. This is the reason ductless ACs are extra quiet.

Minimal Operating Costs

Like most homeowners, you want to ensure the HVAC system operates at a lower cost. This will minimize your expenses and conserve the environment by reducing your carbon footprint.

A ductless unit is cheaper to operate than the ducted systems. Ducts are a primary source of leaks, which occur due to improper installation or after developing gaps, tears, and ruptures. These issues cause air to leak, forcing the AC to work harder to compensate for the leakage.

Quick and Stress-Free Installation

The process of installing a traditional AC is lengthy and complex. The technicians have to tear the ceiling apart, move furniture, and set up heavy machinery throughout the house. Usually, the walls aren’t damaged, but installing the ducts will take time and high-quality skill.

Since the ductless air conditioning unit doesn’t require ductwork, the installation process will be hassle-free. The technicians will only need to drill a tiny hole behind the indoor unit. The installation procedure takes less time and effort, reducing the expenses.

Fewer Maintenance Requirements

When you compare the service requirements of a ducted and ductless AC, you will realize ductless ACs require minimal care. Since they have a few parts, you will simply need to prioritize filter cleaning and replacement regularly.

You’ll also need to clear the area near the outdoor unit to remove overgrown shrubs or dry leaves and clear blockages that prevent the indoor vents from distributing air. The unit doesn’t need special treatment, which will lessen your expenses over the years.

Ducted AC systems need regular service, and the primary focus is the ducts. This prevents leaks and high utility costs. However, don’t neglect your ductless unit because it requires little maintenance. You will have to schedule tune-ups, especially in summer, to ensure the unit runs efficiently for longer.

If a ductless air conditioning system is suitable for your home or workspace, you will need the help of your local HVAC company to make an informed choice. At Comfort Solutions, we can help you select a ductless AC and handle the installation expertly. Contact us for more details.