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Tips to Reduce Cooling Costs This Summer

June 22, 2022

Air conditioners are great investments in helping keep your home or workplace comfortable. However, air conditioners significantly add to your electricity bill.

The high summer temperatures increase the electricity bill since the air conditioner has to work more than usual to keep your space cool and comfortable. The more you use your air conditioner, the more money you can expect to pay on the power bill.

Follow the following tips to reduce the cost of using your air conditioner this summer. 

Get a Smart Thermostat

If you don’t already have a smart thermostat on your air conditioner, you probably pay much more than you should in power bills. The increased power costs are because your air conditioner might be running even when no one is in your house.

Investing in a programmable smart thermostat will significantly reduce your power bill by setting up a running schedule for the air conditioner so that the AC runs only when necessary. 

Advanced thermostats give you the luxury of controlling your AC’s operation right from your smartphone. You should notice a reduced power bill once the smart thermostat starts running.

Use Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans may not cool your house, but they produce a windy feel that keeps your space comfortable. Fans also aid your AC in cooling the house by promoting air circulation in the room.

Ceiling fans cost much less and use less power when compared to air conditioners. Investing in a few ceiling fans could help reduce the cooling costs by unburdening your air conditioner, which is more power-consuming. You can reduce the power bill by using the fans only when you are around or if someone is in your space. 

Avoid Heat Build-Up in Your House

Temperatures are known to be high during the summer. Devices such as computers, sound systems, and other electronic devices produce heat that adds to your house’s heat. Prolonged use of electronic devices and activities such as cooking and baking lead to heat buildup in your home. 

In the long run, this heat build-up will force you to run your AC more and increase your electricity bills. To get rid of the built-up heat, your AC may even have to overwork, shortening its lifespan. You can reduce heat buildup in your house by sparingly using electronic devices that produce too much heat. You can shift cooking to cooler parts of the day or appliances that generate less heat, such as a slow cooker. Shift other heat-creating activities to the cooler parts of your home. 

Use High Reflective Blinds and Curtains

Summer is the time to put up the bright curtains on your windows. Brightly-colored blinds and curtains dissipate more heat than dull-colored curtains and blinds.

Solar screens block almost 90% of the incoming solar heat, leaving your house feeling cool all day long. Reflective materials on all areas that allow heat and light into your home reduce the cooling your AC has to do and saves you on the cost of cooling.

Avoid opening your curtain this season, especially during the day, so sun rays and heat don’t get into your house.

Schedule Regular Maintenance for Your AC

An efficient AC uses less power than an AC whose components aren’t running smoothly. Regular maintenance ensures all parts and systems in your AC are working correctly and efficiently. An efficient AC will keep your space cool and comfortable and save you on the power bill.

Regular maintenance also ensures your AC doesn’t break down in the middle of the day, leaving you in unbearable temperatures. Enlist the services of a professional so you are sure your AC is well taken care of.

Follow these few tips to enjoy your summer without worrying about increased power bills. Contact us at Comfort Solutions for inquiries on air conditioning products or services.