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Why Is My Air Conditioner Not Working Properly?

May 25, 2019

you’re like most people, then you rely on a home air conditioner to
keep you cool and comfortable in the summer months.

even the best air conditioners can run into problems and stop working
properly. If your air conditioner doesn’t work at all, blows hot air,
or simply doesn’t cool as well as it used to, you will probably need
some professional help to get your AC unit back in proper working

have all kinds of different reasons that air conditioners start to
have problems. By knowing the common causes, you can often determine
what is wrong with your air conditioner and what you should do about

or Dirty Filters

of the most common reasons for an air conditioner that doesn’t work
correctly is a clogged, dirty, or old air filter.

a filter has extensive dust, dirt, and/or pet hair, this makes the
flow of clean, cool air difficult or even impossible to make its way
into your home.

often you should change your filter depends on many factors, such as
the age of the air conditioner, the type of air conditioner, the type
of filter, and the overall condition of your home. A home that is old
and dusty or one that has many pets will often require more filter
changes than homes without these factors.

you think your filter could be the problem, try cleaning the filter
off and putting it back in place. If that doesn’t work, try a new
filter. And if that doesn’t work, you need to call a professional.

Wiring and Setup

your air conditioner had problems since installation? If so, whoever
did the installation could have done a poor job. This is most likely
if you did the job yourself or hired a non-professional to do it.

the wiring in your home connected to the air conditioning unit could
be faulty in some way.

installation and bad wiring are both potentially dangerous. Thus, if
you suspect either or both of these things may affect your air
conditioner, you’ll want to disconnect it and have an expert come out
and take a look.

in mind that these types of problems usually show up soon after you
have an air conditioner installed, but not always. Thus, don’t
discount this problem even if your air conditioner worked properly
for a while before having issues.

Bad Thermostat

air conditioners sometimes don’t work because a person set the
thermostat incorrectly. A person might have the thermostat set to
auto, for example, when a person should simply switch it on and off
depending on your temperature preference.

people have the thermostat installed incorrectly so that it shows the
wrong temperature and causes confusion. In other cases, the
thermostat may simply have broken and may now keep you from getting
the temperature you want.

any case, have a professional look at your thermostat if you can’t
figure out why your air conditioner doesn’t perform the way you need
it to.


just as a dirty, clogged filter can sometimes cause problems for your
air conditioner, the same is true when the internal parts of your
unit get dirty. The coils, for example, frequently get dirty and
cause problems.

you deal with dirty internal parts, you probably need a professional
cleaning. Besides, you should get your air conditioner set up on a
regular, professional maintenance schedule to avoid these problems in
the future.

you think your air conditioner has one of these issues or if you’re
not sure what’s wrong, don’t worry. You can always call on the expert
advice of Comfort